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Legal Liability

Nothing whatsoever on any of the sites which I maintain is intended to be construed as legal advice. Users are not expected to and should not rely on any of the information found on the sites without first seeking legal advice from a qualified Scottish solicitor or by conducting their own research. To aid this, no legal advice is offered at any time on the site.

It is expected and anticipated that the Users of the internet are reasonably familiar with the way in which it works and are able to realise that when they click on a link, they are taken to a completely different site.

I do not accept liability for the content or actions of any site which I link to.

Linking Policy

Please feel free to add a link to the Scottish Law Online front page at and to any of the other index.html pages. You do not need to notify me when a link is added but it is nice to know when this happens as I may which to reciprocate. If you do add a link then please refer to the site as "Scottish Law Online".

If you do not wish Scottish Law Online to link to your site then remove your site from the internet and communicate by using more traditional forms of media.

Deep Linking Policy

The present legal position on this is hazy to say the least. The position maintained by this website is not. Feel free to link to any page that you wish to on Scottish Law Online provided that you make it clear that you are linking to a page on Scottish Law Online.

If you are concerned that I have deep linked to a page on your site without your permission then contact me and I will add appropriate comments alongside the link to indicate this. If you wish to stop deep linking by this site then use appropriate html or javascript code on your own site. Links on this site will not be removed.

To prevent Deep Linking, I recommend using the following JavaScripts on the affected pages: Script 1 Script 2 You will find that these scripts are a lot cheaper and more practical than court action.

Copyright Policy

All of the pages and links on Scottish Law Online are insofar as is possible ©Kevin F Crombie. In many cases this may not be relevant as several pages incorporate the content of external providers. You may, for non profit and personal use only, print and otherwise reproduce the pages of Scottish Law Online.

The essays contained in the Scots Law Student Journal are owned by each author and are reproduced with their kind permission. Reproduction of these essays will require the consent of the relevant author.

The site does contain links to several "Fake" websites so that I may monitor more easily who has stolen content.


As is stated on the front page, this site is completely independent and is not associated with any University, Law Firm, the Law Society of Scotland or the Scottish Parliament. The following domains which I own either link directly to the front page of Scottish Law Online where this is made clear or serve ads provided by Google:


The following additional domains redirect to Ad pages serves by Google but these too are unassociated with any University, Law Firm, the Law Society of Scotland or the Scottish Parliament:


Most e-mails sent via all of the above 6 domains are automatically deleted. The Scottish Law Online Privacy Policy does not apply to e-mails recieved which do not relate to this site. It applies only to e-mails which are sent to the e-mail address stated on the site and to e-mails received through the Feedback and Add a URL forms.

Lawrecruiter and Legal Jobs section Disclaimer

The pages available in the legal jobs section of the site are governed by the privacy policy of To access this policy, please click the following link. You can view the Distance Selling Regulations statement of lawrecruiter by clicking here.

Suitability for Children

The pages of Scottish Law Online are as far as possible suitable for children and in the main the pages of external sites are too. This situation is not universal and parents are advised that the content of several external sites may not be suitable for younger users.

Further Problems

If you have a problem with this site, any of the pages on it or the content of any page which is linked to then please contact me and I will investigate your claim and decide if further action is required.

Kevin F Crombie

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